We have walked the path that we are asking you to walk. And we will walk it again with you.

The Rogers family began fostering in the Summer of 2012. Like most people, they did not realize how large the need was for foster and adoptive parents. The need is even larger now as there are more children coming into foster care resulting in more who are available for adoption. Their plan going in was to be foster parents only, but as fate would have it, they adopted three of their foster children who would not be able to reunite with their respective birth families. The Rogers closed their home to foster care at the end of 2018 to focus on their three adoptive children, but have had discussions of reopening as the children get older. They also have two biological adult children who are 26 and 23.

Adoption from foster care has become a huge passion for the Rogers. For years they discussed how to become advocates and be more involved, but both worked full time jobs, so there wasn’t time. As it did for many, 2020 brought changes to the Rogers household, and those changes led to the opportunity to start Kaleo. They are surrounded by supportive and loving family and friends who are also excited about this mission.

Beth is a teacher in a local school district and holds a Master of Science in Brain Research. She is a native of Missouri and moved to Georgia as a teenager. Jimmy has spent his working career in the private sector as a graphic designer and also in manufacturing serving two different industries. He is a native of Georgia.