Kaleo Families will work tirelessly for the adoption of every waiting child in foster care until their forever family is found.

We believe that a society’s heart can be measured by how many foster children are waiting to be adopted.

A sad truth is that in the State of Georgia that number is measured in hundreds. These are foster children who have been cleared for adoption with hopes, dreams, fears, and disappointments. They need to know that they are worthy of families that love them because they are worthy of love. Together, we can achieve this seemingly hopeless situation. It doesn’t take a special family to give a waiting foster child a forever home, just a willing one.

Kaleo Families is working toward helping these foster children find their forever families starting in 2021 through a partnership with Georgia DFCS. With permission from DFCS, we will be planning events, starting a gallery, and giving these children their own personalized videos so they can introduce themselves to the world. As passionate as we are, we can’t do this alone. We need the following things from a supportive public in order to meet these accomplishments:

  • Donations through our website, one-time gifts or recurring monthly sponsorship
  • Time in front of church congregations
  • Compassionate Corporate Sponsors