Kaleo Family Services strives to provide healing to children and families through the faith, hope, and love of Jesus Christ.

It’s easy to assume that foster children are being cared for by a system that was set up for that very purpose. It’s easy to assume that this system runs smoothly and has all of the resources it needs to not only survive, but thrive. It doesn’t.

The reason it doesn’t is because there is one thing that the state does not have control over, and that is who will be willing to open their home for the sake of caring for these children.

In 2020, roughly 20,000 kids were touched by foster care in the state of Georgia.

We are calling faithful followers of Jesus to provide homes, safety, and mercy to children in foster care while providing the support and training needed to maintain these goals.

 We covet your prayers, however the church meets some additional, vital and practical needs required to help us reach our mission and goals. See how churches can partner with Kaleo Family Services »